exercise 1: “backlit leaves”

My idea for this exercise came from my drive north on Tuesday this week. I was driving two and a half hours to the Hunter Valley, NSW, for a songwriting session with my friend. Whenever I get on the highway I’m reminded why it’s so vital for us (songwriters) to make space for ourselves. This idea is a simple one, the basis being the simple philosophy behind


I saw this from the road:

Yellow maple or beech tree. The blackest, black bark, in stark contrast with the brilliant yellow leaves, lit from the back by the low sunlight.


This was my first thought:
Something so dark can still produce something so bright & beautiful.


1. How would you use this in song?

***you can choose to share or not share your ideas / answers, up to you.



2. Is it important to be literal? or is it more important where the thoughts and images take us ultimately?

***if you have something to say on this matter that you think may assist others with their songwriting, feel free to share in this arena.



3. My part in this is to throw the idea at you…after that it’s up to you but I will share my own answers to parts 1 & 2 next Friday.



If you wish to keep your thoughts private that’s great and if you wish you to share? that’s great too. Please use the comments section below!

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4 responses to “ exercise 1: “backlit leaves”

  1. I have suffered with a very “dark” depression for many years, but some of my most joyful & bright music came from that well. It’s important to make the beauty from the contrasting emotions.

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