exercise 2 “one way”

I thought about this last Thursday, in flight, on my way to play at a music festival near the sunshine coast in QLD, Australia. I played there with just an accompanying guitarist this year but I have mostly played at this festival with a full band. I have great memories and I remembered we often used to open with a song I remain immensely proud to have written “Hold Me in the Summertime”.

It occurred to me that whenever we write, and the same is true of philosophers, all we’re doing is expressing one way of saying what we want to say.

Here’s an excerpt from the song I mentioned:

“the essence of the magnificent pine
the road we chose to help us define
the only way we know how to truly design
our fate and all that gets left behind”

– Karl Broadie (Hold Me in The Summertime)

I thought it might be a really healthy exercise to replace these four lines entirely, with something completely different, yet something that says the same thing, or at least stays on track.

“the road we chose to help us define”
could have said “we found out why we decided to come this way…..” or similar.

The best part is that your interpretation may of course be entirely different to mine, as to what these original four lines actually mean!

I’m pretty certain, this kind of exercise can provide the spark for a new song in all of us, which is the primary aim of this website.

I’ll share my answers this time next week, incidentally, I’ll be writing to you from Nashville by then and not from here in Sydney!

Have fun

That song is available on iTunes by the way, I’m sure it’s worldwide but here’s the AUS link if you’d like to hear it:


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