Karl’s answer to Q1 “fifty great questions to ask songwriters”

1. Starting point – Are there any basic guidelines you could share for perhaps someone who has never written a song before but would love to?


Scribble down your thoughts, everyday, write something. Then get your instrument and throw a few chords together…..even two! Then scour your scribbles for a word or phrase that looks strong on the page. Throw that word or phrase into the context of a topic. Something that matters to YOU is definitely a good place to start. Then start shaping a melody around your phrase and chords until it sits well with you.

When you get this far, you’ve done the hardest part. Now you just spend time weaving the story of the song around that first spark. Your job is to make each line a good line and make each change an event that feels good, as the song makes it journey.

If you’re unfamiliar with song structure, there’s no better teacher than a song you already love. Deconstruct, analyse and you’re off!

Go on, get started!


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