Karl’s answer to Q5 “fifty great questions to ask songwriters”

“5. When there are so many songs already written about where someone is from and what events may have shaped them as people, what ingredients make a song like that a good song?”

Excerpt From: Broadie, Karl. “Fifty Great Questions to Ask Songwriters.” BN Publishing. iBooks.
Check out this book on the iBookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewBook?id=561548904

Karl’s answer:

Most songwriters, whether we are aware of it or not, draw from the events that have shaped us into the people we are now. The same is true of the environment of our upbringing, or in many cases, the changing environments and the impact of those changes through our formative years. An example of that on the surface of things, would be perhaps changing schools at a difficult age and all the insecurities, as well as of course, the excitement that accompanies those intensely emotional times. It goes without saying that many of us also experience our parents separating and that, undeniably, has an impact that will drastically (not necessarily negatively) change us forever.

This would be a good time to make mention of my last post a few days ago, entitled “Treasure” read it here: https://swritingmastery.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/treasure/

This of course relates to how we search our incredible library of memories, often without even knowing it and how sometimes these cathartic exercises do not merely provide us with lyrical or musical outpourings, rather they aid us in accepting, cleansing, moving forwards with a new understanding even, of who we are and why.

Remember that this does not just relate to lyricism but also to the moods that the impact of these emotions conjure up. Again, good and sometimes not so good *enter minor key territory*.

Regression can take many forms. As I’ve mentioned in my podcasts, spending time with that initial thought, “the spark” that gave you a good reason to write a song in the first place, can expound boundlessly, all related memories of experiences. I know this is getting into meditation talk but I’m referring to clearing your mind with even a walk in the fresh air.

I hope this answer gives you a good starting point when considering or better still, kick-starting your amazing song about where you come from and who you are, or even a song that is a thriving or fallen branch from the tree that grew from your experiences. Your roots are deep and no-one is an exception.


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