Wednesday One-Liners (inspirational lyrics for you to ponder)

“Well I guess the war just stole my childhood memories, like it left me with my Daddy’s watch and chain. He’d always say it’s hard to tell the enemy, that close to death we all look much the same.”

– Kim Cheshire / Kevin Bennett
Song: Only Love Knows The Way
Release: Kim Cheshire – Dead Man’s Shoes


“disappearing act, I want my money back, disappearing act, wish life had warned us long ago, we’re only one half, of a disappearing act”

– Ron Sexsmith
Song: Disappearing Act
Release: Cobblestone Runway


“I was born in the midst of a waning moon and as I child I wandered through the dark and gloom”

-Melody Pool
Song: Henry
Release: The Hurting Scene


“I saw the beauty in the reasons she gave, I saw the beauty in her divided mind”

– Karl Broadie
Song: Let Her Go
Release: One Constellation EP

Please note: iTunes links are for AUS. Please search in the store of the country you reside in. Hope you enjoy, Karl.


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