Clarity in the mornings

An empty mind let's your creativity flow.

An empty mind let’s your creativity flow.

After a fair while burning the candle and intensely focussing on making a new album, the mornings now feel somewhat new.

Of course as an artist, this is when a lot of the hard work begins but as a songwriter, I’ve been waking up with a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment. This could be for a number of reasons.


It’s true, there are twelve new songs that perhaps, I’ll never have to think about recording again, ever. That’s an amazing feeling, to know that they are now sealed and zip-locked as recordings and as we speak, are at the manufacturers to be printed as audio, forever! Then there’s the digital world.  iTunes etc. all underway. I can’t change them now!

What does this mean to the creator of the art?

Firstly, I’m experiencing the following: I have a clean slate! As a songwriter I’ve made space in my world for new songs to start forming without the feeling of being overwhelmed by either unfinished business or too many half-written ideas.

Secondly, my mornings feel calmer. I have the peace of mind to breathe and plan my day both creatively and practically. This may sound less organic than my usual ramblings, however, I’m referring to a small practice which I’ve been finding very useful and it’s been helping me absorb my day in ways that inspire.

Morning meditation if you like. I’ve been allowing myself to sit peacefully with nothing in front of me and when thoughts of what I want to achieve come into my mind, I try to move them away for now. It’s a simple practice that I can spend either 5 minutes or 30 minutes doing, each morning.

Usually I follow through with a walk either on the beach or along the cliff tops. What I’ve discovered is that because of my new morning ritual, my walk has become the part of my day when I have the most clarity. Both the clarity to grab melodies and lyrics as they come at me, and to map out my day quickly and so that I have a chance of being productive.

You may remember Tip#1 from my “Top 5 Tips” post in December:

I’m certain that this simple morning ritual is giving me a better shot at being receptive to the inspiration that each day brings. Remember, it’s always there, we’re just not always taking notice.

Thanks for being here,


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